We asked mums using Early Nourishment CIC services in North Devon & Torridge to share their experiences of ‘Breastfeeding in Lockdown’ to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2020 #WBW2020

Having a baby at the beginning of lockdown was tough.

This was my 3rd child… I’m an experienced, confident mum, how hard could this be I thought.

Jeez was I wrong! My naughty little baby decided to turn around. She was obviously very comfortable as she refused to budge! Meaning I had to have a Caesarian delivery. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how limiting it would be.

Post C-Section

I had my section around 10am and was back home by 1am the next morning. Accompanied by this perfect little bundle but with no idea how much I would know struggle.

With no support network available to assist me, and being very naive I tried my best to snap back to ‘normal’. But I needed rest…. I learnt this lesson the hard way!

Establishing feeding

I had breast fed my other two children briefly but we had to stop before we wanted too. Meaning I was adamant I would make it work this time!!

Milk came in on day 4, “perfect” I thought. By day 8 I was in excruciating pain and with no doctors able to see me. I battled on telling myself it would settle down, however on day 15 we were both diagnosed with thrush. We eventually got the right treatment and settled into our feeding routine. I was trying to combat a massive over supply. I felt I was drowning with no one to help or support us, I felt like I was ready to quit.

Breastfeeding in lockdown – added pressures

The pressures of lockdown made things hard for me, my older children were home 24/7 and obviously that wasn’t how I’d pictured things. I was swimming on mum guilt as I promised my eldest is help with his school work but yet again the baby needed feeding meanwhile my 2 year old had just become feral by this point!

Despite feeling like I was failing 99% of the time. We’re now 17 weeks in and smashing it. I’m proud to have overcome all the these obstacles and many more through lockdown.

Surprise ‘silver linings’

There are some good points I can take away from this experience.

♥️ It was lovely to be able to stay in our newborn ‘bubble’ for so long. If we didn’t get dressed one day no one knew!

? We didn’t have to deal with the constant stream of visitors

? Daddy was home for 14 weeks!! as appose to the traditional 2 weeks paternity leave.

? We developed our own routine that worked for us and in the process created an amazing bond.

It was a very strange experience and we certainly won’t forget it.


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