Stuck for ideas of what to play with your preschooler? With a lot of our favourite places closed or restrictions in place currently due to coronavirus we thought we’d share some ideas.

Here are some simple play ideas for a lazy Sunday or wet afternoon!

1. Hide and Seek

You can also do hide the toy if you are limited for hiding places – also perfect if you’re trying to occupy them whilst you actually have a HOT cup of tea for once!

2. Hotels (you are the guest)

The goal is to make the guest comfy & relaxed (you might even get a few sneaky minutes of shut eye!).

3. Teddy bears picnic


Blanket, rug, teddy bears & lunch in the lounge/garden – maybe even get a few special treats or make a day of it & bake some cakes in the morning?

4. Scavenger hunt

Baby Toddler Groups Pic 3

List of things that the child has to find and bring back. Ideas such as something red, yellow & blue for younger children or more complex for older children

5. Sink or float

Washing up bowl & whatever you can find. Allow child to dunk items in the water to see if they sink or float

Don’t forget to check out our facebook group ‘Early Nourishment Online’, if you live in North Devon or Torridge, for more play ideas parents have shared

Also have a look at our Baby/toddler group page to see what Emma our play worker is up to!

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