I don’t know about yours, but in this house my kids LOVE Halloween, it’s not about the sweets (well maybe just a bit about the sweets…) they just love the atmosphere & the ghoulishness. Being on a weekend too this year means we can make the most of it with a day of spooky crafts and activities!

The plan…

For obvious reasons the usual local activities seem to be a bit limited & trick or treating is sadly off the cards. My plan….assuming I find the time….is to have a Halloween party at home, dress the kids up, do some crafts & eat some spooky themed food.

I’ve been trawling Pinterest & the internet for ideas & thought I’d share some that I’ve found that seem do-able; with a 3.5yr old and a 6.5 yr old I personally like simple activities with minimal prep/clean up!

Creepy Halloween Crafts

Pumpkin Carving

This is pretty much a no brainer, Halloween just isn’t Halloween without pumpkin carving. Check out these that we did last year.

Top tip – apparently they keep the shape better if you cut a hole out of the back to scoop out/put a light in instead of cutting the top off!

Pumpkin Painting

If you don’t fancy getting all covered in pumpkin then stick to painting the outside

Glowing ghouls

Super easy & effective . We tried it out this evening & it took us about 5 minutes, so great for kids who have a short attention span!

As you can see, someone was pretty happy with the results.

Egg Cup Bat

Instructions here ->>> https://www.bakerross.co.uk/craft-ideas/kids/spooky-hanging-bats

Baker Ross have lots of halloween activity suggestions on their facebook page & website. Or if you’re feeling totally mummified by the thought of prepping crafts, then they have lots of craft packs on offer too

Terrifying Toilet Roll Monsters

With the amount of toilet roll flying off the shelves during COVID I’m pretty sure everyone must be swimming in toilet roll inners, right? Check out these terrifying toilet roll monsters from craftymorning.com

Instructions here ->> https://www.craftymorning.com/toilet-paper-roll-halloween-characters/

Friendly Ghosts

This is super simple and mess free, easy enough for toddlers to do (but not for you if cotton wool makes you *cringe*)

Find the full instructions here ->> https://realhousemoms.com/halloween-cotton-ball-ghosts/

Spooky Spiders Web

Create your own spiders web lacing cards – a great activity for fine motor skills!

Full instructions here ->> https://www.makeandtakes.com/more-spider-crafts-lacing-spider-webs

Masking Tape Mummy

Another simple, messy free one (did I mention I love mess free crafts?!). Check out Whirlybobble on Facebook for more fab Halloween craft ideas

Hopefully some of these look do-able for you and your family.

In the meantime feel free to join our facebook group ‘Early Nourishment Online‘; we will be continuing to share ideas for Halloween

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