Breastfeeding Peer Support Training

Are you a mum who has breastfed and would like to volunteer to offer other parents support with feeding their baby? We offer Breastfeeding Peer Support training through Healthy Babies UK to enable our volunteers to have the skills necessary to do this. 

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Training is usually around 16-20 hours over 5-8 weeks and successful completion of the course results in a level 2 qualification in Breastfeeding Peer Support Skills from AIM Awards & qualifications. 

You can attend the training with your baby if needed and we always use accessible and suitable venues to help facilitate a safe learning environment. 

The training is delivered by Hannah Ashford and covers:

What our peer supports say:

Training Peer Support 1
Training Peer Support 2
Training Peer Support 3

Peer support update training

We believe it is important that our peer supporters attend regular training and reflective sessions to ensure their knowledge is up to date and they are safe. Our updates also include how to ensure they know how to implement safe boundaries and put their own well being above that of volunteering. These sessions are free of charge to our volunteers. If you do not currently volunteer with Early Nourishment and would like to attend one of our update sessions and have a level 2 qualification in breastfeeding support, you can attend free of charge providing you then start to volunteer with Early Nourishment.

We also offer group update sessions for non-volunteers. Topics can include (but are not limited to):

For health professionals

We can offer tailor made courses suitable for health professionals working with parents from conception until two years. Whether you wish to study the full breastfeeding supporter qualification or wish to work with Early Nourishment to deliver update training in feeding support, cultural competency, mental health or supporting autistic parents please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your team.