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 North Devon & Torridge Breastfeeding Support

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We founded the ‘North Devon & Torridge Breastfeeding Support’ group in 2017. It is a great group for mums who are looking for breastfeeding-related support. The group, much like our drop-ins, has our peer supporters providing evidence-based support; with Hannah our breastfeeding counsellor on hand for complex areas of support.

Many women find that it can be helpful to join the group when pregnant so they can read some of the previous posts, ask questions & get a feel for how their feeding journey may look.

If you search ‘weekend chat’ in the group then you will find previous discussion threads we have had in the group relating to FAQs.

Early Nourishment Online

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As soon as the UK COVID19 ‘lockdown’ was announced we realised that we needed to adapt our service & immediately set up ‘Early Nourishment Online’ as a platform to continue to host our groups as well as various other online content. 

*Since July we have received funding from The National Lottery Community Fund on behalf of the UK Governments COVID19 response to continue running our online support*

HMGov National Lottery Fund

The group continues to grow & welcome parents into our online community, where they can find a really supportive environment; again with our peer supporters providing feeding support where needed. The group is moderated by Hannah & Alice who between them have the experience to ensure it is a safe, nurturing environment.

Come and join us for the following (and much more!):

If you do not have facebook then please email us or call/text/Whatsapp on 07538 400202 so we can arrange sending you the Zoom link for the drop ins another way.

Twins & Multiples Chat

Online Support Twins

Our peer supporter Tatyana May is always happy to chat about life as a twin parent in Early Nourishment Online.